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Recently submitted a reconsideration request for a site which after link analysis I could not find literally ANY artificial links for.

So sticking to my guns, submitted a reconsideration request saying the site had no artificial links. I also indulged in the following choice wording as part of the reconsideration request:

“… It’s obvious a significant portion of our link profile isn’t manipulative, in fact after revoking a few hundred penalties this has to be possibly the most inane manual action I’ve ever seen. There simply aren’t any artificial links in the profile, I’ve been looking for a situation where possibly one offending guest post for example might be causing it, if it does exist I confess completely I’ve failed to spot it so far. We just don’t have any artificial links.

I would have shown email outreach and a disavow file, there’s no artificial links to outreach for. If you do have any sample links you can show

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So I’ve finally made my Google penalty infographic, and am going to give some outreach a shot. Also finally got my penalty process featured on the main blog of Moz.com over at https://moz.com/blog/my-story-how-psd2html-worked-to-have-a-manual-penalty-revoked, it was for PSD2HTML.com’s manual action and the level of insight is pretty solid.

Here goes with the infographic, more info below that:


Taken an absurd amount of time to get on Moz and to get this infographic together, like everything else tried outsourcing the infographic, quality you know, just wasn’t what I wanted it was embarrassing basically so just made it myself. The surreal move towards John Lennon at the end is unorthodox at least but well, I’m sticking with it anyway, there’s more to life than Google penalties or SEO or marketing or money, and it makes it stand out from the crowd which works for me. Got skills, need to just get out there a bit. So here goes.

Two Kinds of Blog

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In the vain hope I might just be the first person to blog this, can’t find it anywhere so far, here’s a new message format for successful reconsideration requests in Webmaster Tools:


Two things noticed, firstly “Good news” maybe they’re warming up for the Christmas season, positively jolly anyway.

And also they are now letting webmasters know directly to “Keep in mind that removal of a manual action doesn’t guarantee that your site’s ranking will increase.” which may sound less like good news than originally promised, personally I like it has a taking-off-a-bandaid feel, hurts but it’s true anyway.

Been true for partial manual actions for artificial links ever since they first started giving them out and just the sooner you just face it, the sooner you can get generating great links and start growing again.  Waiting six months to see if rankings will increase is just hope and lost time, this message helps break out of that. I do … And there's more... ^^

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I’ve had an idea since the beginning of 2015 when I first made this site to track the number of linking domains I have and measure them against wellknown SEO sites with a view to if not competing, at least being comparable enough to offer any skills and experience I may or may not possess.

So then for the first official update then, the stats as measured in Majestic’s Fresh Index are:

gumsek.com4 domains
pointblankseo.com2,441 domains
backlinko.com3,997 domains
quicksprout.com – 16,740 domains

There you have it folks, spectacular numbers.

A few points, firstly when I first checked backlinko.com’s profile back in around Feb 2015 I recall it may have been around 2,600 linking domains, very rough memory estimate, numbers and timeframe could be wrong. So while I’ve been waiting, these guys have been garnering links, hundreds of linking domains coming in each month sometimes.

Lesson learned, waiting isn’t … And there's more... ^^

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So, I’m getting a few SEO leads every week now (not through this site yet which is still near invisible), and amongst those I’m even beginning to find a few gems where I can work in their budget and still offer services based on content creation and outreach. Have been ruminating on why some sites are great to get links for and others much harder, here’s a few notes to myself:

1. Content creation is SEO.
Many clients see SEO as something that somehow gets done after site content is built – make a site, then “do the SEO”. It can work like that, but personally am finding it goes much, much faster if the sooner a site starts making content with a view to attracting links the better.

2. Do people link to sites or content?
No data to back this up, but especially if a brand is less well known I’d say people link to content over sites. … And there's more... ^^

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Google Webspam Team have been on form recently which has been refreshing, and possibly I’ve been on slight form myself – cleared three penalties within 6 days which ain’t bad.

Submitted one on the 6th revoked on the 9th
Submitted one the 3rd got revoked on the 8th
and submitted one on  3rd, got revoked on the 7th.

These are just the reconsideration request submission to successful response times, they don’t include the link analysis time before submissions, still if I include that from first getting the project to revoking the penalty did all three in around two and a half weeks, which isn’t too bad.

I also of course have another penalty which is taking ages, if you say I’m blaming Google you may well be right but even so, ugh they’re just being intractable on this one, can’t say the details but just daft. Anyway, never failed yet we’ll shift it.

Which all also adds fuel to the … And there's more... ^^

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Been digesting a pile of outreach and link building strategy content, the psychology of how to connect with people particularly interests me, I want to give value and build genuine relationships as much as I can.

I’ve chosen my first outreach strategy which is:

– create small amounts of great quality content. I’ve chosen guides, I’ve got ideas for around ten guides, if I can get on average links from 200 domains per guide which is ambitious, x10 that will be 2,000 linking domains. Which would be awesome, far more than needed to rank for my initial interest terms which are related to penalty removal, though I see those as just a starting point.

– first guide is my Interactive Guide to Penalty Removal here, I’ve done just so many penalties and audits it’s got to be worth something.

– for link outreach I’m going to contact people who link to or socially share this page:
I chose this … And there's more... ^^

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Couple of top posts from GrowthHackers caught my eye, more fuel for my interest in micro-content assets with lots of distribution.  Small amounts of good content with smart outreach and distribution can really work.


Top posts from the week

Growth Hacks • 43 upvotes • 25 comments • Posted by Austen Allred
Exploiting Instagram to help a friend sell $4,000 of neckties in one day

“My friend had a necktie company. Two weeks later he opened his doors and sold $4,000 of neckties because of what we did on Instagram. Good times.”

Ok, all very interesting.


Growth Hacking for B2B Marketers with Sean Ellis – generic title, video with no transcript (so much faster) mental note to watch this maybe sometime.

“Sean Ellis, CEO/Founder of Qualaroo, speaks at a conference regarding B2B growthhacking using great examples from HubSpot, LinkedIn, and Qualaroo.”


This I admit to going back to, distribution is something to get a process going for:… And there's more... ^^

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The one thing I enjoy blogging about is growth, so have come up with the idea of keeping a growth log documenting as live as possible the growth of my site and business, work I’ve done since the previous update and and work to do for the next update.

Work done:

– Site designed.

Hired three people for this one from Odesk and two from Peoplerperhour, the Odesk one I gave them a design to code and it looked nothing like the design I gave, the two from Peopleperhour offered work done in 6 days and after two weeks neither of them had done anything.

So that was six weeks gone, which I wasn’t bothered about as I had loads of penalty work to do and I’ve waited ten years anyway, so a few weeks more I’m used to. After that just bought a heme from CreativeMarket and did it myself.

– Started site content.

This won’t take long, get … And there's more... ^^

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First post ground zero. Here’s the situation and a plan:

– I currently offer penalty removal and link audit services, with a pretty awesome track record. I’m also hard to find.

Clients outsource to agencies who outsource to agencies who outsource to me, so while my record is great and my earnings have got me a new life, they’re insignificant to what I what I would’ve been earning if I’d got clients direct. That said, many of those clients I never would have got clients direct. So now’s the time for this site.… And there's more... ^^

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