Hi, I’m Jeremy. I’m an SEO consultant based in Korea.

I made my first site in the mid 2000s, sold it, and after a limbo of attempting to offer SEO services while avoiding low-quality link building Google started sending manual action messages in the early 2010s. I mastered the penalty removal process early on, realising the process they espoused and the one that actually worked weren’t the same. This led to an efflorescence of client and agency relationships, and now I help companies and agencies with SEO strategy and implementation.

Sites worked on:
Coursera, Brainly, IBM, Patek Phillipe, Vacherin Constantin, Tagheuer, 99Bitcoins, Cryptopotato, Coinhunt, Altsignals, Nomadcapitalist, Tradefinanceglobal, Legiontelecom, Cometocapetown, Scamguard, Musikalessons, Baldingbeards, Ocushield and many more.

Recent highlights
- Consulting for an investor portfolio of authority content sites with a combined audience of 14 million+ visitors a month.

- SEO technical work for leading legal SEO agency Gladiator Law Marketing and startup/scaleup SEO agency Digital Uncut.

- Called as an expert witness in a case against Google regarding manual actions.  https://digitalcommons.law.scu.edu/cgi/viewcontent.cgi?article=2410&context=historical

Crypto/NFT, education, legal and SaaS areas hold particular interest. Recently have been reading a Korean book a week. This year will read two. 

소인은 비록 지천한 인간이요
또 무지몰각하기도 합네다
허나 애국의 뜻은 그래도 짐작하는 터이니
오늘 같은 판국에
나라에 이롭고
백성을 편히 하는 방도는
관과 민이 마음 합한 연후에야 될 것이외다
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